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Adopt's commitment to improving the mental health of adoptive parnets

10th October 2017

Experiencing adversity and trauma early in life can have a significant impact on children and young people’s later mental health.  Getting adoptive children off to a ‘healthy start’ can often mean helping parents develop the skills to help their children overcome the trauma and disruption that can frequently  ‘get in the way’ of them forming the secure meaningful relationships.  It’s these key relationships that can help mitigate the potential impact of early adversity that adoptive children have often experienced.

AdOpt increases parents confidence, satisfaction and efficacy in the early post adoption period.  We know that children in turn benefit hugely from more sensitive, calm and consistent parenting and know that this impacts positively on behavioural, social and emotional functioning.  When parents meet and share adoption specific experiences over the course of the 16 week programme, this also provides an additional buffer in terms of social support.  We know the importance of social support in terms of promoting well-being.  

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