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Parents' Feedback

Here are a number of quotes from parents who have attended the AdOpt programme, from various sites around the UK:


  • “Wish I had been able to attend this course years ago! Invaluable! My house is so much calmer than it used to be! Thank you.”


  • “We have developed a new and common language giving us a better understanding of one another's expectations. The children know what ‘take a break’ means and power struggles are less common… I still feel surprised that simple strategies have such a clear and direct impact on behaviour”.


  • “Really good course – learnt about Take-A-Break but most valuable ‘pre-teaching’. Good for all children but particularly for adopted children and parents – really gets results. Good to meet others in similar circumstances – you don’t feel so alone!”


  •  “I welcomed a structured programme, knowing where we were heading each week was useful. In general the topics were well pitched and had a clear practical application. As a family we have become less 'fractious' so where situations might have escalated in the past, that is rarely the case now”.


  • “An invaluable course, I feel better in control, not all resolved but I have the tools to move forward!!”


  • “learning about pre teaching was fabulous. I still remember taking (our daughter) to Tescos that day, straight after we'd finished, and putting pre teaching into practice. Her behaviour was angelic! A clear example of pre teaching working. I was thrilled! There's many other examples I could give of trying out something we'd learnt about on the course - whether successful or difficult - it built confidence and resilience in (my partner) and I”.


  •  “Using the 'take a break' approach has given us a new way through tricky behaviour patches. As a family I feel we're the better for it - when the timing is right, behaviour is defused more quickly and we return to normal more readily. No sulks or atmospheres - we move on and enjoy being family again”.


  •  “…if you asked whether the course is worth running again, I'd say a wholehearted 'Yes'. I genuinely feel it's been the most robust course on adoption I've ever attended. I feel confident about my parenting role and there's a difference in how we relate and get long as a family…”


  • “This course is a MUST – everyone who has adopted NEEDS it. Not just for the information but also for the support and experiences of others. To know that you are not going through this alone and it happens to everyone is really helpful”.


  • The course is excellent. Very well run and organised. Great training and support. It has helped us a great deal. Thank you!”